I am a lawyer with over seven years of work experience in law firms and corporate organizations alike (pre and post qualification combined). I have worked with governmental and private establishments such as House of Freedom, Esher and Makarios, Wole Olanipekun & Co., Au Courant, Bayelsa Ministry of Justice and Margloog Ltd, Ariel Realtors respectively.

My cross-cutting experience in litigation, corporate and commercial legal practice has equipped me with the ability to be in top form in critical analysis, innovation, negotiation, legal document drafting (SLAs, MOUs, NDAs, software licence agreements and other contracts), legal opinion writing, legal presentations amongst other skills developed to engender proper client representation, tackling difficult circumstances and people and generally being result driven in a timeous manner. I am a fast learner who multitasks successfully under pressure and can w ork under minimum or no supervision.

In my most recent employment at the House of Freedom, Lagos state, my role as the Legal Officer required that I monitor all legal affairs across the different branches of the organization to ensure legal compliance and due diligence in the activities of the organization and help keep the organization out of any legal trouble.

Key Activities:

Provide company advisory service regarding the drafting, legality, structuring, fiscal efficiency and compliance of contractual arrangements.

Ensure continuous liaison with external solicitors for regular updates, stipulated time limits for actions, etc. so as to minimize the cost and adverse effect of litigation and other delayed dispute resolution mechanisms.

Draft legal agreements and review all relevant documentation supporting contracts for authenticity and validity, reviewing commercial agreements and documentation of transactions.

Conduct proactive prevention of litigation, ensuring legal processes and services are effective and efficient in line with defined and approved designs and rules.

Review legal cases, petitions and internal matters requiring legal input /perspective/opinion, consult with all relevant parties, advise on case/petition/legal related matter, provide recommendation on course of action and effectively take appropriate and approved action in accordance with the policies and regulations of the organization.

Carry out legal (administrative) services work including liaison/correspondence with external bodies and organizations, structuring and negotiating commercial transactions.

Administer controls to ensure compliance with statutory requirements and organizational policies and effectively integrate ethics, compliance and international best practices in process flows across the organization.

Prepare weekly reports on legal matters across the organization for proper documentation and communication to the Chief Operating Officer (COO) and adjusting strategies and policies based on progressive demands of the organization as directed by the COO.

Partnering with the Human Resources department to identify activities or employee behavioural patterns which (may) form occupational risks and potential legal issues within and outside the organization and proffering workable process flows and policies to curb same before such activities become part of the organizations’ culture.

Undertake research into novel legal issues in the organization and general legal matters in order to provide the best legal advisory and solutions to arising matters within the organization.

Representing the organization at meetings internally and externally in order to understand evolving interests of the organization and protect same timeously.

As a business adviser, I help businesses achieve their short, middle and long term goals by strategizing and getting key decision makers in organizations to not just see market share possibilities, but also creating a road map of how to achieve these goals through leveraging on present markets and creating break through methods of getting into other markets through using innovative ways of selling old products/services, creating new products/services for other uncharted markets and helping/training key employees/departments in those organizations to key into the plan and deliver on KPIs set for them.

As a real estate consultant, I help individuals and organizations create multiple reliable streams of income that lead on to financial stability and financial freedom by providing some of the most secure and highly risk averse real estate investment opportunities that exist in prime locations in Lagos and Abuja with ROI of over 50% in 3years for landed properties and over 15% rental income from housing units within 3years. I advise clients on the best possible ways of financing these investments by creating a portfolio that caters to not just the wealthy clientele, but also the upwardly mobile working class. I help clients who have difficulties making financial commitments/investments that would give them better lives in the future. My realty services guarantee that individuals and organizations alike get stress and worries free realty investments, properties with verifiable good title, best competitive prices for prime locations and competitive ROIs.


  • Budget development
  • Corporate litigation
  • Excel and PowerPoint
  • Excellent communication skills
  • Excellent contract negotiator
  • Excellent working knowledge of Microsoft Word
  • Good team player
  • Intellectual property advisory
  • Litigation management
  • Skilled Mediator
  • Strong presentation skills