I am Evans Ajaps, Branch Manager Cititrust Realties, Ilupeju. I am on a constant unending quest of self development and hence, this application, which I hope will provide me with an opportunity to utilize my skills in sales, interpersonal relationship and leadership to its full potential.

Hire me because of my nature of paying attention to detail; I always see the little parts to concepts and this helps me learn fast. Hire me for my OCD; which compels me to always have everything around me organized and also reflects in my work and appearance. Hire me for I have excellent customer services skills, I amĀ an impressive marketer/sales person and possess the necessary skillset that drive business in any industry. With excellent negotiation and deal closing techniques, I am a salesman extraordinaire. I also a have good working knowledge of Microsoft Word and Excel, as desired. Fully computer literate, I am also a graduate of Psychology and have advanced abilities to understand different kinds of people and work with them to achieve the desired goals. I am very social and outgoing, as well as disciplined and honest. I am well dressed and extremely confident, with enviable presentation skills and a hunger for success. Above all, I am a leader by nature. For example, it has been called to my notice how through my appearance alone, I influence my colleagues and even bosses alike to dress better simply by the fashion statements I make at the office. This aesthetic upgrade helps for self presentation by making us appear more executive and professional everyday. It’s in the little unspoken things like these that the natural leadership abilities in me become evident. And I also have proven managerial skills just to make a skill out of the talent. Thus, I believe I would be an invaluable asset to your firm and I do hope to be given the opportunity to prove this. I sell for a living and my track record includes sales of cars (I used to be a dealer), sales of insurance policies, sales of properties (I am still into real estate) and other intangible things like ideas, as I am actively into consulting for companies, and will be much obliged to provide these services to your organization. I sell myself on a daily basis without stress as well, right from the first encounter.


I have a track record that spans sales and also business development. For the former, I have generated over NGN300,000,000 for my company in just over a year and I also have generated tens of millions in other enterprises and ventures which I have been active in prior to this current employment. Some of which include a NGN3,000,000/annum account for Wapic Life Assurance, the sale of a property worth NGN30,000,000 during my time as a freelancer as well as a few other achievements. And in business development, my most illustrious feat yet is the Fortune Bay Estate, Ajah. A project by Zero616 Realty, a company I consult for. I birthed the idea to make the project a SMART estate, an estate built with a theme, an estate which provides realtor and caretaker services for investors just to take all those regular hassles off them and helps the sales people make the sale easier by laying to rest their prospect’s constant concern of how to get their property tenanted, and when they eventually get it tenanted, this also solves the problem of getting the tenants to pay the rent consistently respectively. I have this idea for the future of housing estates in PowerPoint presentation format and will be excited to grant you viewership should I be deemed qualified enough to merit an interview.

I could be the best recruitment decision you’ll make in your HR career thus far. And I will be humbled should you choose to provide your company as the platform which I seek for me to launch into the stratosphere of the business world, as you become a part of my success story and vise-versa. But irrespective of the outcome of this exercise, my best wishes go out to you still. Godspeed. Thank you.

Evans Ajaps


CV, Evans Ajaps 2.pdf