I write to apply for the position  of a Project Officer in your organization as advertised. I have over 6years experience program management with additional experiences and skills in leadership and management, administration, finance, monitoring and evaluation.


I believe I am the right candidate specifically because current employment with APIN Public Health Initiatives providing technical support in community services. Also, my recent employment with ACOMIN as the state program officer under Global Fund to ensure implementation policies and strategies. I coordinate and oversee the state project activities, strategic planning, advocacy to key stakeholders, development of concept notes and work plan, monitoring and evaluation as well as program report writing and working with implementing partners to ensure continuity and use of best practices with client end-users through capacity building of 20 community based organizations which increased effectiveness by over 50%. Also, by ensuring no deviation from the approved guidelines. I also, maintain a program budget, facilitate trainings and meetings, ensure data collation and validation, safe keeping and proper documentation.

Furthermore, my appointment with the UN office in Dakar, Senegal and duty station in Calabar, Nigeria involved similar functions as the requirements of this job as support staff to the Project Manager. I was involved in the support of formulation of the pillar construction project for the Cameroon- Nigeria Mixed Commission. I carried out effective functions in strategic implementation, conducting advocacy visits, organizing meetings and communicating with stakeholders as well as prepared financial and program reports. This enabled me to fully understand the modalities and functionalities of the UN and overall, above average success was recorded on the project.